Destiny 2: Finding Xur

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With all the time Xur had to roam around, we are going to assume that he has a few more goodies to offer the Guardians. If you are looking to find Xur now, here is where you need to go.

This week, Xur will be staying on Titan, to get to him, you will need to fly down to The Rig and head straight on the left. You should be able to find him hiding in a room on the ground level.

So what will he be offering this time? Well, he will have a few more weapon and armor to offer including the Hard Light auto rifle which will cost you 29 Legendary Shards as well as the Lucky Raspberry Hunter Class Chest Armor which will cost 23 Legendary Shards and more.

The developers will also be launching the new The Clarion Call event which players get to earn double XP. However, you need to be in a clan to enjoy the double XP event. The new event will end on the 20th of November

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