Destiny 2 Convinced Some Fans That Bungie Is Listening

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While people were excited to see that Bungie has decided to work on a sequel to the first Destiny game, a lot of fans were worried that the sequel would end up like the first game but the new trailer suggests that Bungie has been listening.

One of the biggest issue that Destiny players had with the first game was they felt like the game did not have enough action and that the characters were dull and boring.

Fans made it clear that they wanted the story to be a little more engaging and that they wanted Bungie to give the game a few memorable new characters. Based on the new trailer, it is clear that Bungie is trying to do just that.

But of course, the trailer is just a small part of the game and we will only know the real answer when Bungie officially releases the game. In case you missed the trailer, you can check it out below and tell us what you think.

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