Destiny 2: Best Buy Is On To Scammers

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The Destiny 2 beta testing has already started. Even if you have not pre-order the game, you can still try it out now but there is one issue. You will need a code to test the beta version and the codes are only given to those that have pre-ordered the game.

So what some fans are doing right now is to pre-order the game from Best Buy, get the required codes and cancel their order. This way, they can try out the game for free without having to pay for the game.

Well, Best Buy caught on to it and now they will be charging those that cancel the pre-order $20. The user will be charged if they cancel the game after they have used the beta code given.

Of course, some people were not too happy about this but others think that Best Buy is doing the right thing to protect themselves. What do you think?

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