Design of iPhone 7 May Be Something Of A Disappointment

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Many people are waiting to see what the iPhone 7 is going to bring to the market when it arrives but we hear that people might end up being disappointed by the design. We say this if the handset ends up looking like CAD drawings that we have seen as it may end up looking like the previous device.

The design of the iPhone 7 may offer a camera that protrudes and the battery may not have been upgraded. There were rumours about the handset offering a dual camera but this may not be so.

This means that the iPhone 7 could end up being a big let-down for those who are looking for improvements in the device. It was said that the headphone jack will be taken away and that the antenna is going to be hidden. Other than this it is going to be lacking by way of improvements.

While we may not see the dual lens it is thought that the camera may have the curved sensor patent and this could be an improvement over the version on the device at the moment.

But will you be making the update to the iPhone 7 when it arrives?