Death Stranding New Trailer Does Not Clarify Anything

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Despite seeing so many Death Stranding trailers, we are still very confused as to what the game is really about and the new trailer will not help as well.

Ever since Hideo Kojima announced the new Death Stranding game, we have been seeing trailers after trailers. The first one was very confusing but that was only to be expected since he was trying to tease us but we have seen a number of these trailers now and it does not get any clearer.

The new trailer was revealed at the Tokyo Games Show. In the video, we get to see The Man in the Golden Mask. Sam Porter Bridges, the character that Norman Reedus will be playing will encounter him. He then lowes his mask revealing another mask before it starts to pull up the black tar and turn into a lion-like quadruped beast.

So far, we have not seen any gameplay footage and the trailers also made it sure that the plot is a mystery as well. It is believed that the game will only be arriving in 2020 so expect more confusing trailers to come our way.

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