[DEAL] Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 Is The Best

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If you already think that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best smartphone you’ve actually seen in a long, long time, wait till you check out the Verizon version of it. It’s these kinds of attractive preorders that ultimately sweetens the deal and makes you one big happy customer with one big smile grinning from ear to ear.

Verizon is offering a Samsung Galaxy S7 bundle which comes with a free Gear S2 or Gear VR, but do note that it’s only for a limited-time only. Before we get into the deets, bear in mind that this deal expires on the 18th of March; bolding it so you’ll never have to forget about it. If you’re not into VR gears, you could always get the Gear S2 instead, and vice versa.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that Verizon is not offering both the Gear S2 and the Gear VR as a bundle of happiness that comes with your latest Galaxy S7, because it’s only either one of the other. We’ve heard that sharing is caring but we shouldn’t be all too greedy as well; and it’s especially true when it comes to bundles of joy like these.

All you have to do once you’ve made your S7 purchase, is to register here, and you’ll be good to go. Have fun using your brand new S7 and the free gift it comes along.

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