Dead Island 2 Is Crawling Its Way Back

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Things took a turn for the worst when Yager Entertainment decided to stop working on the Dead Island 2 game but it looks like Koch Media is not ready to bury this game just yet.

Dr Klemes Kundratitz from Koch Media has now announce that the Dead Island 2 is back on the table and that the new game will be developed by Sumo Digital. He added that the developer seems to have a vision for the game that matches their own and it made sense that they should be developing the game.

He added that they will be revealing for details later. The Dead Island 2 game was supposed to be release in 2015 but with everything that has been going on, we would be surprised if the game does end up making it this year.

What we want to know now is how many of you are actually still interested in the game?

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