Dead Island 2 Developers Don’t Like What They Got

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After years of waiting for the Dead Island sequel, it still does not feel like we are getting any closer to the game at all. In fact, it feels like we now have less information about the game if the new rumors end up being the truth.

We haven heard much about the game after Deep Silver confirm that the game is still being developed. The sequel was announced a few years ago and since then, the game has gone from one developer to another. It is now in the hands of Suma Digital and while they did confirm that they are working on it, we have not seen anything from them yet.

New reports are saying that the reason why there is so little information about the game right now is because the developers have nothing to show. How is that possible since the game has been in development for some time now?

Well, it is believed that Sumo Digital might have decided to start fresh. That means giving the game a new story and also coming out with a new mechanics for the game. Honestly, we won’t mind it as long as they make it great but the fans are still hoping that they will reveal something this year.

Some people also think that we might even see the game this year but we think that that might be a little too optimistic.

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