Dead Island 2 Dev Sumo Digital Not Happy With Original Direction

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The first Dead Island game was pretty successful and a successor for the game was quickly announced soon after but that was it. Fans have been waiting to see more of the sequel but so far, we have not seen anything yet.

After the long delay, it was finally announced that the game will be taken over by Sumo Digital and after months of silence, Deep Silver came out to announce that despite what it seems, they are still working on the game.

So what is taking them so long? Well, some people believe that the reason why Sumo Digital is taking so long is because they did not like where the sequel was going and has decided to start from the ground up. Reports suggest that Sumo Digital was going to give the game a new story as well as a new mechanic.

At this point, nobody really knows what is going on. Hopefully, we will get to hear about the game soon.

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