Dead By Daylight Update Already Available Right Now

With Tome III: Escalation just around the corner, the developer now has a new update ready for the game which will come with fixes, new content, and also new features. Here is what we know now.

The update will make some changes to Coolwind Formas and MacMillan Estate which is being updated with new tools that were added with this update. A few map sizes, layout, spacing, and spawning mechanics have also been updated.

The update will also make two major changes to the repairing generators mechanic in the game to reduce efficiency when preparing with other survivors and also skill check bonuses. The number of points earned for great skill checks has also doubled going from 150 to 300 now while bonuses progression percentage has gone down to 1%. You can check out the full list of updates that the game received this week.

Tome III: Escalation will be arriving on the 29th of April.