Dead By Daylight Gory Birthday Celebration

Dead By Daylight was released four years ago and the developer is now celebrating its fourth birthday with their unique gory new event.

The new special event will include a few unique cosmetics unlocks along with a few neat aesthetic changes. The event will start now and will continue to run until the 7th of July. During the event, the levels will be filled with balloons, confetti, hooks, generators, and lockers. The anniversary Crown will also be added to each level as a collectible.

The first to find the crown and interacts with it will glow for the rest of the match. If they make it out alive or they manage to kill everyone, they will get it as a permanent cosmetic for any of the game’s survivors.

Depending on when during the event you log in, you will be getting different cosmetic unlockables so do make sure you check in from time to time.