Dark Souls: Why You Don’t Need Cheats

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Dark Souls isn’t a game that you so much play as being one that you fight and gamers feel triumphant in getting past even the first few bosses in the games. However there are some people who seem to be able to make it through the game and not take on a one bit of damage, so how do they manage that?

Yes you heard it correctly, not one single bit of damage all the way through the game. A Twitch streamer has made it all the way through Dark Souls without getting one bit of damage. As impossible as it may sound, it is true.

While you might be thinking that it is all well and good him saying that he didn’t get any damage, you might want to think again when you hear that he did it live in front of an audience, so they witnessed the whole thing.

It gets even better thought as the guy also managed to dispatch of the final boss in Dark Souls with just three hits. From Software, the people who brought us the game surely must have thought that this would have been impossible to do. However the guy who did this is one of the most skilled players of the game without a doubt.

He didn’t manage to do this on his first try though, in fact he has spent many hours trying to do it as the video showing him doing it was Chapter 300. However he persevered and he managed to get through Dark Souls unscathed eventually and without using a single cheat.

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