Dacia Spring Electric Concept Marks A First For Automaker

There have been a lot of talks about Dacia working on a new EV model. Dacia has never confirmed it before but they have now revealed their new concept.

Called the Spring Electric Concept model, the first Dacia EV is based on the Renault City K-ZE model that is being sold in China right now. Some people were wondering why it is being shown as a concept now since it is already a production model in China but it is believed that it could be because the vehicle will only be arriving in Europe in 2021.

In terms of design, there is really nothing too surprising here as it matches the Renault model. As for what will be powering it, the automaker did not offer any details right now but they did say that it will have 124miles to offer.

The Dacia Spring is expected to arrive early next year.