Cyberpunk 2077: How Close Are We

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We have already heard of CDPR working on a new Cyberpunk game for years now but with so little to go on, it is hard to determine how close are we to the actual release of the game.

This week, we got to see the new gameplay footage from the game which is nice as we finally got to see how the game works and how the combat system will be. Keep in mind that CDPR has already mentioned that they might still make some changes to the game so don’t be surprised if the actual game does come looking a little different than what the trailer is showing now.

Another exciting thing to take note of is that the game is playable from start to finish now which means we are close but the wait is not over yet as now is the time when they can start playtesting the game and start ironing out all the bugs and issues and pops up along the way.

No date was announced yet but at least we are seeing more of the game this year and for now, that is good enough.