Cyberpunk 2077 Hiding Some Secret?

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Although we know that CDPR was working on the new Cyberpunk 2077 game for a long time now, CDPR ha has actually been doing a great job at keeping the details locked up but they are now ready to reveal a little more with the latest set of screens and concept art.

The artwork looks amazing now as we get to see the augmented humans and well, the dogs but it looks like there might be more to this artwork. The tweet came with a link which leads to another page and image.

Some fans think that there might be more to the extra image but so far, nobody has been able to decode the image. You can check out the image on their twitter page and see if you can crack it on your own.

Fans are still waiting for some sort of gameplay trailer but we don’t think CDPR will offer one that soon.

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