Cyberpunk 2077: Find The Witcher 3 Easter Egg

CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 could be one of the most highly anticipated games this year and the developer has just released some new information about the game along with the Witcher 3 Easter Egg.

As we know, players will get to choose three different paths to their game each with different prologue sequences and stories. You can choose from Street Kid, Nomad, and Corporate. If you do choose the Corporate path, you will see V starting off as a counter-intelligence operative for Arasaka and in V’s offices, you will see a magazine on her desk that talks about retro gaming with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt featured as the game of the month.

The Easter Egg might not be much or that hard to find, but it is still nice to see part of their popular game making it into the new Cyberpunk 2077. There has been conspiracy that Ciri actually teleported to Cyberpunk when she tried to escape the Wild Hunt as she describes a world with flying ships and all.