Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Still Feeling Optimistic

The upcoming CDPR game, Cyberpunk 2077 was set to arrive this month but it was later pushed to September. With everything that is going on right now, some people predicted that the game will be pushed back even further but it looks like the developer is still optimistic about the release date.

According to the deeper, the release date for the Cyberpunk 2077 game is still in September. It was added that they do not think the pandemic is going to affect the release date of the game. One concern that they did point out was whether or not the physical version fo the game will arrive on schedule or not.

They explained that with recording studies on close, they are finding it hard to get some of the work done but added that they will be able to record these lines later one and offer it as a day-one patch when the game arrives.