Cyberpunk 2077 Announcement Coming Soon?

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Although we already knew CDPR was working on a new Cyberpunk game, there was not much information about the game. Nobody knew when the game will be released and what it will offer but some people think we might have some new details soon.

Fans got excited when the official Twitter account for Cyberpunk Game booted up. The simple tweet “beep” had the fans all buzzing that it could mean that the game is booting up and that things might be heating up soon.

The asterisks beside the text suggest that the tweet is more like an action. Most people think that CDPR might have something to announce soon. Based on when they started working on the game, it is about time we finally see or hear something from them.

What do you think? Are we reading too much into the tweet again or will this really turn out to be something major for Cyberpunk 2077?

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