The Most Epic Samsung Galaxy S3 You’ll Ever See [PICS]

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A fan of Samsung went on Facebook in May of this year and uploaded his artwork, a roaring dragon, to Samsung and asked if he could have a free Galaxy S3. Samsung replied with a drawing of a kangaroo riding a unicycle but declined to provide him with a free handset.

Custom Samsung Galaxy S3 given to fan

However as the image was so good it very quickly drew a lot of attention on the internet and went viral. Today Samsung got back in touch with Shane to say thank to you him for all the attention they got thanks to his drawing and gave him a unique Samsung Galaxy S3 in white with the back having the picture of the dragon that he drew. Not only was the phone custom designed but so was the box that it came in.

Samsung have recently received a great deal of bad press after losing their court case to Apple, so it is nice that they have done something for one of their fans. No other handset manufacturer has shown customer appreciation like this.

Custom Samsung Galaxy S3

Custom Samsung Galaxy S3

On a side note, Samsung today announced that the Galaxy S3 will soon be available in 4 more colors – Grey, Blue, Red & Brown. No word yet on exactly when and which carriers will get these color choices in addition to the already available white and pebble blue options.

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