CS:GO Microtransactions Leave Bitter Taste

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Players of Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been asking for graffiti sprays to be introduced to the game for a long time and finally this is something that has happened. However it has left a bitter taste in the mouths of gamers due to microtransactions.

Gamers can now spray to their hearts content, but with one catch. You have to purchase them either in individual patterns on the Steam Market, buying Graffiti Boxes that come with art that has been created by the artists from Steam Community or by collecting patterns though weekly drops that are free that you get when you rank up.

Along with this Valve has introduced some restrictions for gamers when using the sprays in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. When a player unseals graffiti they are able to use the pattern 50 times. The graffiti may only be used once per round, or 45 seconds, should the match run longer. One graffiti application only lasts seven minutes and it degrades so that it is no longer visible over time.

As you can imagine there are many players who are not happy with the graffiti in CS: GO and many of them believe that Valve is just cash grabbing.

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