Crusader Kings 3 Gets Release Date

The role-playing strategy franchise will be getting a third game this year and now the developer has reveal the release date for the game.

Crusader Kings 3 is set in the medieval times where players will have to control their ongoing dynasty of rulers and keep the kingdom alive even with all the obstacles getting thrown at it. The last game was released about eight years ago and that game have gotten about 15 expansions since its release.

In the new game, players will get to play as noble houses including rulers from India, Finland, Central Africa, and Iceland. Each character will get their own unique personality. The events in the game will also be inspired by real events from history including the holy war. There will also be new lifestyles, skills, 3D portraits, traits, religious leaders, appearances, and more.

Crusader Kings III will be released on the 1st of September and is available for pre-order now on PC, Mac, and Linux.