Credits For Skyrim Special Edition Belong To Fallout 4

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Fans of Elder Scrolls don’t show a great deal of love for Fallout 4 as they think that the game is to blame for lack of Elder Scrolls 6 development. However they may wish to think again.

There are things that Bethesda did with Fallout 4 that have had a positive effect on the Elder Scrolls series of games. One of these is the launch of Skyrim Special Edition, which Fallout 4 sparked.

Bethesda said that Elder Scrolls Skyrim Special Edition is a direct result of a game engine test that they needed to do to develop Fallout 4. Skyrim did very well on the test and the result of this was Bethesda gaining confidence so they could go ahead with the development of Fallout 4.

Bethesda then realised that it would be a complete waste to throw away Elder Scrolls 5 and they made it a remastered game.

The remastered game is going to be remembered as being special as it will be the first and last to come from the developer. They have said that they are not big into reworking titles and so we expect Skyrim Special Edition to be a one-off.

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