Crash Bandicoot Remake Not Good Enough To Please

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A new gameplay footage for the game Crash Bandicoot has been release and while it is obvious that they made quite a few changes to the game, the fans are still not happy about how the remake version is going to look like.

Some fans think that the lighting of the game is way off and that the remake version does not match the moody vibe of the commentator. They feel like the game is annoyingly bright right now.

Others feel like the game is too clean and lifeless but of course, since this is Crash Bandicoot, after all, we are still expecting it to do well because fans will be rushing to live their childhood game but if you are expecting to see a game that will blow ur mind, you might be disappointed when the game arrives.

Check can check out the new gameplay trailer here and tell us what you think of it.

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