Crackdown 3 Will Change Xbox One Forever

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There is a high possibility for the game to shift Xbox One from being turned against over DRM and always-online functionality to being back as a digital gaming powerhouse. Yes, we have high hopes in Crackdown 3.

But you would probably be questioning this. Why would the team behind Xbox One ever disregard a game like that and made it seem as though there isn’t anything in the world that could save the console for its sake?

Perhaps it’s got to do with the natural course of human events. We tend to get used to things after a certain period of time, and eventually be bored by it because of the lack of changes, no? Well, maybe the man responsible for Xbox at Microsoft is aware of the reason too, which is why he isn’t saying much about the problem they are facing at hand.

All things aside, what you’ll be expecting from the true Crackdown style is that the game would be highly physical, as the game has compute power and memory on demand to make things as destructible as we want them to be. Let’s just hope that the upcoming sequel is as great as it has promised to be.

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