Crackdown 3 Needs Extra Polishing, Skipping 2017

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Of all the games that Microsoft has teased this year, Crackdown 3 was the one that looked the most promising and if they did manage to deliver the game, we are sure it would help boost the sales of the Xbox One that is not going to happen now as Microsoft announces the delay.

Microsoft announces that they will be pushing back Crackdown 3 from November this year to the Spring of 2017. They added that the developers needed more time to polish the game and that is why they decided to push the game back.

Of course, the fans were not happy about the delay but at the end of the day, we all want to have a game that looks great instead of one that is incomplete. Things have not been going smoothly for Crackdown 3 so let’s hope the game does not disappoint when it arrives next year.

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