Counter-Strike: GO Halo Crossover Announced!

After the long wait, we are finally getting the Halo series on Steam and to celebrate this, Counter-Strike: GO will be getting some special Halo update now.

It was announced that the new Halo sticker Capsule will be added to the in-game store showing some of Halo’s most iconic imagery including the Master Chief’s helmet, the UNSC Spartan logo, the logo for Noble Team and more.

If you buy the Master Chief Collection on Steam, you will also be getting a special “music kit” after you spend some hours playing the game. The tracks you will get includes the Halo them music which will play at the end of the CS: GO match

The PC version of Halo: Reach will be released on Steam on the 3rd fo December. This will be the first from The Master Cheif Collection with more to arrive in the near future.