Corvette Z06 Steals Page From Playbook Of Ford Mustang

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When compared to the typical Ford Mustang the Corvette Z06 is classed as being in a higher league. So we were very surprised to see the vehicle stealing a page from the playbook of the Mustang by way of a bad stunt that the Mustang is known for.

You might have guessed what we are talking about. The fact that owners of the Ford Mustang like to show boat when they are at local car meets and it typically ends up in them crashing their vehicles.

This is exactly what happened with the Corvette Z06 when the owner of the vehicle was showing off at a car meet and it spun out of control and then crashed. There is some good news in that the owner of the vehicle did manage to get out of the vehicle without being hurt, well apart from his pride anyway. The vehicle unfortunately didn’t come out so good and it had to be towed away.

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