Concept For Buick Avista Shock Chevrolet

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The concept for the Buick Avista stunned many people but Buick said that the prototype wasn’t going to come into production. Many people still admired it and it was said to be the prettiest vehicle at the auto shows.

Buick may have shocked Chevrolet and other car makers as their vehicles are not well known for having good looks. Typically they are dull and old looking. Buick managed to get the name of being a brand for the older generation, as the vehicles were not exciting enough.

Therefore the concept of the Buick Avista shocked people as it was extraordinary and the designers of the Chevrolet Camaro admitted to being among those shocked by the concept.

They said that it took attention away from the official unveiling of the Camaro at the Detroit Auto Show, as the Buick Avista completely stole the limelight.

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