Complaints About 2016 Honda Civic Continue

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One of the most important things on a vehicle is comfortable seating. In the past the Honda Civic was known to offer up a drive that was comfortable. However, the same may not apply when the 2016 Honda Civic comes our way as it isn’t going to have adjustable lumbar support.

The past version of the Honda Civic was known for comfort as all the instruments were in the right place for the driver. It did however offer suspension that was stiff.

Tall drivers may wish to avoid the 2016 Honda Civic as the hip point is going to mean taller drivers are faced with an issue due to the seat back position and reach of the steering wheel. There isn’t adjustment available for lumbar support and this may mean that tall drivers will have issues.

The 2017 Honda Civic might offer support for lumbar adjustment but not on the 2016 Honda Civic.

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