COD Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Guns In All Their Glory! (Gameplay Video)

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After many months of teasing, Black Ops 2 COD is coming closer as the release date is pegged for 13th November. For all those anxiously waiting for the multiplayer mode there has been a gameplay video uploaded which shows all the new guns you can get your hands on when it arrives.

COD Black Ops 2 multiplayer guns revealed in gameplay video

Some people had the chance to play the game at the many showcases which were held around the world, with one of these being Eurogamer Expo. Fans of the crossbow which was seen in the first game is back and has been given a makeover. There has been changes to the way it handles and it is now easier to use and more balanced. The recoil has seen some adjustment and this means it is easier to hit targets. There is also the option of firing three arrows at once or multiple ones if the target is closer and it’s a quick kill that you want. The crossbow can be customised with attachments, which means it is easier to score a kill in Black Ops 2 COD.

The SCAR rifle was popular and can now be seen in the new Blacks Ops 2 COD. We’ve also seen the new guardian killstreak, which users can put anywhere on the map to send out rays, which then kill the enemy as they come into radius. There is also a Five Seven pistol, complete with laser sight and an M27 rifle and the Vector, with a large display for aiming. This reminds some of the heartbeat sensor in the first edition of the game.

Black Ops 2 COD snipers can now equip tracer bullets when fired from a distance and this means that should you miss the shot, your team mates could track it via a white line, so they can see what the snipers have been shooting at and can chase them up and take the kill.

So check out the gameplay video below if you cannot wait to get your hands on the game and these awesome guns. The video was taken from the Hijacked map.

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