Classic CoD Map To Come Back With Second Season

Activision has a lot planned for its Call of Duty franchise this year. Not only will fans get a new Call of Duty game this year but they also announce of the new features that will come with Season 2 of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

One map that players will be happy to see once more will be the Rust map that will come with Season 2. Known as the smallest map in the franchise, the map will put players closer to each other so matches tend to be more intense and quick.

Players also tend to camp and spam grenade in this map which would explain why some people just despise it. But if you are a fan of it, it will be back soon so you can start digging in.

Season 2 will be starting on the 11th of February and will be free for anyone who already has the Modern Warfare game. Season 2 will also come with a Battle Pass and new maps.