Irony: Google’s Chrome Now For iPhone But Not Most Androids

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Now topping the free app charts on Apple devices, is the Google Chrome app which was launched today. This follows the browser’s huge success on desktop devices, as it became the top browser of choice shortly after it was released, beating Internet Explorer and Firefox in the popularity stakes.

Chrome browser available for iPhone & iPad, Android limited to Ice Cream Sandwich phones only

It is already preferred over the Android browser, even though it has been out just 24 hours. But then again, it only works with devices on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) which accounts for just 7% of Android devices on the market.

Nevertheless, as Zach Epstein writing for BGR, points out – the Chrome app is “little more than a Safari skin with a sleek UI and desktop sync”. If you have iOS, take a peek at the top free apps and download it to see what you think as Epstein does applaud the “sleek UI”.

Ironically, now iPhone and iPad users have access to the Google Chrome browser whereas most of Google’s own Android users don’t due to fragmentation.


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