The Chevy Bolt and Hyundai Ioniq are going to have a new playmate from Honda but it could be a bit of a threat.

Honda have what can only be described as being a very ambitious plan, albeit a reasonable one, when it comes to electrifying vehicles in Europe. The plan has the name of Electric Vision and it was revealed by the Honda Motor Europe President.

He said that two-thirds of the sales of Honda will have electric powertrains by 2025. This means a mixture of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell and battery electric vehicles. It was only last year when the CEO of Honda spoke about all-electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles making up 15% of the global sales.

The first two motor hybrid vehicles of Honda will launch in Europe in 2018 and Honda will also bring over the Clarity Fuel Cell, which is a part of the HyFIVE program. This is said to reinforce the commitment of Honda to drive adoption of their fuel cell vehicles along with creating a viable hydrogen refuelling infrastructure over the region, said a spokeperson.

Honda of course could be feeling pressured thanks to the Mitsubishi as they outsold vehicles of Honda in Western Europe. So it looks like Honda is going to take them on along with the Chevy Bolt and Hyundai Ioniq.

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