The Toyota Prius Prime may have the Chevrolet Volt shaking in its shoes as the Prime could overtake sales of the Volt anytime this year. Sales of electric cars in the US have been strong once again during February with plug-ins selling 12, 049 units which is a boost of 55%. One of the biggest challenges is going to be March and perhaps this could be when the Prime takes over the Volt.

Up to now the best-selling electric vehicle has been the Chevrolet Volt, but thanks to the market maturing this lead is growing smaller. The Volt has never enjoyed such good sales as it has been setting records in recent months.

The Toyota Prius Prime has taken a significant part of the total sales of the Prius at 17.4% during January and 15.1% in February. If the Prime continues to rise in sales then the Chevrolet Volt really has something to worry about.

But do you think that the Toyota Prius Prime is going to have the Chevrolet Volt shaking in its shoes and beating it is sales?

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Mario Caballero

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