Chevrolet Silverado Not Fazed By Diesel Scandals

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With all the negative attention that diesel engines have been getting these few years, you would think that GM would want to stay away from diesel engines until everything cools down or maybe focus more on electric engines like the other automakers but GM is doing the exact opposite.

Instead of announcing that they will be ditching their diesel engines, GM announces that the new Chevrolet Silverado will be getting the 3.0 liter Duramax six cylinder turbo diesel engine next year. Besides the Silverado, the GMC Sierra will also be getting the same diesel engine.

GM Powertrain Torino boss, Pierpaolo Antonioli also confirmed that GM is working on a new range of diesel engines that will include three and four-cylinder engine options.

With other automakers holding back on their diesel option, this could be GM’s time to shine but it could also be for nothing as people move on from diesel engines. What do you think?