Chevrolet Silverado Concept More Of A Guideline

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With the Chevrolet Silverado now announced, it looks like Chevrolet also wanted to show their customers what they can actually do with the Chevrolet using the list of accessory they have to offer.

To give their customers a rough guideline on what to build, Chevrolet released four new concepts of the Chevrolet Silverado. These were shown off at SEMO. The concept is shown includes the RST Off Road, RST Street, High Country Concept and the LTZ Concept.

Although we can see why Chevrolet did it, some fans are saying that these concepts won’t really matter because what they were hoping Chevrolet would change on the Silverado, the front end design did not happen.

However, the RST Off-Road model did get a lot of attention as it could be the best looking one of the lot but whether it will be enough to convince fans that the Silverado is actually not that bad, we will have to wait and see.

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