Chevrolet: Irresponsible Dealership Has Paid The Price

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In June it was found that some Chevrolet vehicles that had been sold had faults and even worse is the news that they came from the recall campaign of Chevy.

There is a default procedure set out that makes sure that cars at dealer lots are first being fixed and then being sold, but in fact this isn’t what happened. Following an investigation Sand Chevrolet of Surprise in Arizona was found to be guilty of selling cars from Chevrolet that were in fact faulty.

The dealership has had to pay the price of course as it was handed a fine of $40,000 for selling two vehicles that had been going through a recall before being sold. The investigation is still continuing and should more vehicles be found to have been sold before being fixed the fines are going to get a great deal higher.

This incident has brought about concerns about just how extensive car makers are monitoring their vehicles along with regulation of the dealer network. There isn’t enough control over dealerships and this may result in them making quick money for illegal things. Of course there is a downside and this is that the image of the brand is the one that takes the hit, not the dealer.

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