Chevrolet Corvette Shows The Tesla Model S Who The Boss Really Is

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If you wondered if the Chevrolet Corvette was able to go faster than the Tesla Model S then wonder no more as the vehicle has just show the S who the boss really is.

As you might expect the Chevrolet Corvette that we are talking about isn’t just any old Chevy. This time around it was a version that has been modified with the name of the Genovation GXE. This is an electric version which is electric powered and it has broken the record to become the fastest street legal all electric vehicle on the market.

But just how fast can the Genovation GXE really go? It can reach 62mph from standing still in 2.6 seconds, while the top speed is 220mph. it has been breaking records ever since the first day that it was tested and this is just a prototype at the moment.

The record had been set by the prototype EV with a speed of 177mph. You can see the vehicle in all its glory below.