Chevrolet Corvette Interior Showed Off In New Sketch

A new image showing off the interior of the Chevrolet C8 Corvette has been making its rounds on the internet giving us a clearer picture of what the vehicle could be coming in with on the inside but of course, since it is only a sketch, we might not see an exact replica when the C8 Corvette is released.
From the looks of it, the C8 Corvette interior will come with more carbon fiber parts. We can also see that the steering wheel will be lined with Alcantara or something similar while the center of the steering will come with a button with the words Spec Mode under it.

What made the sketch looked legitimate was the fact that the drawer was said to be Tristan Murphy, the interior design manager at GM. As for the Z06, it will be years before we actually see it but it will be interesting to see if it looks like this.