Chevrolet Colorado Can’t Differentiate The Rolls

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It looks like the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is having a hard time trying to differentiate between a normal roll on the road and an actual roll of an accident as some owners have already reported that the side airbags of the vehicle deployed during their off-road drive.

A few videos have been circulating online showing the car driving off-road and for no reason whatsoever, the airbags deployed. Chevrolet has since responded by saying that they are aware of the situation and added that the airbags were deployed because the vehicle predicts that the vehicle is about to roll on its side.

This means that the roll-over sensor on the vehicle could be too sensitive for the truck. While Chevrolet has not offered a solution yet, the owners said that they have been pulling the airbag fuse when off-roading to avoid the airbag from going off. While it does work, it also puts the driver and passenger in danger since the airbag won’t deploy if the vehicle does start tipping over.

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