Chevrolet Camaro vs Ford Mustang In Battle That Doesn’t End

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The battle between the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang never seems to stop and it is one that people never seem to get fed up of hearing about. So which of the two is the winner here?

The comparison here is between the refreshed version of the 2016 Camaro and the 2015 version of the Ford Mustang. This means that essentially we are making a comparison between a popular red-hot muscle vehicle and a redesigned muscle car.

Two out of the three engines of the Toyota Camaro outmuscle those of the Ford Mustang. The engine of the Camaro is the 2 litre and this offers up 275 horses. The Ford Mustang engine is 2.3 litre and this is turbocharged and offers up 310 horses.

The Ford Mustang may be ahead for the brakes and suspension as we have no idea what the suspension on the Camaro offers. However the independent suspension seen on the Ford Mustang is some of the best for 50 years.

The cabin of the Chevrolet Camaro isn’t the best as it is crowded. The exterior of the Camaro has some cool ergonomic woes. The Camaro looks like something out of the Transformer movie and the Mustang out of the Fast and Furious movies.

For curb weight the Chevrolet Camaro is the winner as it has saved 200 pounds off the weight. This may have been different some years ago.

We think that the winner here is the Chevrolet Camaro but you may think that it is the Ford Mustang.