Chevrolet Camaro Is The Answer To Ford Mustang Super Snake 750 Horses

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You might think that it’s crazy thinking that a Chevrolet Camaro could be equivalent to a Hellcat. However it’s not that crazy as Speciality Vehicle Engineering have revealed an upgrade package for the Camaro that is the answer to the Ford Mustang Super Snake 750 horses.

The new package means that the Chevrolet Camaro is elevated to the same level as the Hellcat as it offers up 800 horses along with 750 torque. This is by way of a custom supercharger, aluminium pistons, forged steel crankshaft, polished LT1 cylinder heads and LT fuel injections.

This means that the Chevrolet Camaro now offers up an additional 345 horses over the regular version and 93 more horses than the Challenger SRT Hellcat. It also means that it wouldn’t have trouble in beating the Ford Mustang Super Snake and its 750 horses.

The modified version of the Chevrolet Camaro has the custom Yenko badging over its body, engine cover and brake calipers. It is offered in Gloss Black, Flat Black, White, Silver, Hugger Orange, Red and Yellow hood stripe along with side graphics packages being available.

To upgrade the Chevrolet Camaro you will have to pay out at least $40,000 and only 50 units are going to be offered.