Chevrolet Bolt EVs Will Have A Bumpy Start

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A lot of people are interested in getting themselves the new Chevrolet Bolt but if you do plan to get one, be aware that things might be a little bumpy in the beginning.

According to the PlugInCars, the Chevrolet Bolt would suddenly lose power. It was said that the Bolt drove by the editor starting losing power on a short highway trip despite it saying that there is still 100 miles more in it.

Chevrolet later added that a few vehicles might be affected by the issue. It is said that the issue is called the low-voltage condition that is caused by bad battery cell. The easiest way to fix this would be to fit in a new battery pack. It was also revealed that less than 100 units will be affected by the issue.

He also added that earlier models might experience a few other issues as they have given some later models upgraded parts and design. Well, this is the reason why people tend to avoid new models.

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