Check Out This Massive Price-Drop For The “Telltale Games Collection”!

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Last year ended sweetly for the fortunate Xbox One Gold Members because there wasn’t a need for them to budget their way into purchasing this particular series. And by that, we actually meant the Telltale Games Collection. It was heavily discounted from the usual $109.99 to only $36.30. Now, that’s one helluva lot of price-drop!

For those unfamiliar, what you can expect out of this collection is the complete Walking Dead Season 1, Walking Dead Season 2, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, and the Game of Throne series. Also worthy to note: if you have purchased this bundle, do not repurchase the Tales from the Borderlands Season Pass, as you will automatically have access to Episodes 2-5 when they are released.

We wonder how many gamers out there have actually purchased this awesome deal, sound off in the comments below if you’re one of them! Don’t wait till the game is removed from the shelves as you could still get them here, though it’s been marked up back to $69.99. And yes, you are very welcome.

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