Check Out This Crazy Render Of The Tesla Model 3!

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Everyone’s been waiting to see the Tesla Model 3 come to life and since we haven’t gotten ourselves any indication of what it might look like, rendering artist Theophilus Chin might have a clue. In his latest rendition of the upcoming Model 3, we see a model car that bears a very uncanny resemblance to that of a Stormtrooper’s mask. You know you gotta agree with that.

While we might not know how it’s going to look like, we know for sure that a sedan would be coming our way. And it’s worth knowing that the Model 3 sedan would be smaller than the size of the Model S, so there’s only that to look forward to. But then again, we could always feed our eyes with the masterpiece render made by Theo, since it’s really our best indication yet.

Some say that the render looks as though it’s a fusion between the stylings from a Tesla Model X together with a Model S, and while others suggest that it’s more of a combination between the Model X and the platform of a BMW 4 Series. It’s all up to you to judge since it’s a matter of opinion, but do let us know if you’d rather see the Model 3 looking like that.

Are you looking forward to see the Tesla Model 3 as much as we are?

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