Cheaper Occulus Rift Coming From Big G Himself (Leak)

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Virtual reality seems to be the in-thing these days and Google have been showing a very keen interest. Now we hear that a cheaper Occulus Rift may be coming from them this year.

Occulus Rift, as you know unless you have been hiding in a cave lately, is the head mounted display that arrived following a campaign on Kickstarter and is now ready for release on March 2016. When it does it will become the world’s first consumer targeted VR headset offering a resolution of 1080 x 1200 for each eye. There has been a great deal of interest from gamers and this is the reason why Google are keen to get in on the act.

Rumours are going around that Google may be about to launch two specific VR products. One of these will be the Cardboard version that has been updated, possibly Cardboard ++. But what is more interesting is the other virtual reality product coming from them.

It is said that this will be a stand-along VR unit that won’t have to be connected to a computer, phone or games console for it to work. Instead the headset will have its own display along with cameras that face outward and processors that are high powered.

It is thought that Google will use the Movidius chip in their new VR headset and they have used this on Project Tango. At the moment we don’t have any news about when it will arrive, however it has been suggested later this year. It will almost certainly be in competition with Occulus Rift and should be cheaper.