Cheaper iPhone Coming, In Other News Hell Freezes Over

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Rumours were that Apple would be revealing a cheaper iPhone this year. However can you image Apple ever using the word “cheap” in relation to any device they’ve made?

Cheaper iPhone to join iPhone 5 this year? Forbes says no now

Perhaps more likely Apple would make an, inexpensive or value-priced handset. Cheap isn’t in the dictionary over at Apple and as they do own the majority of profits in the industry, why should they start to change things now?

Apple would never sell a device that was cheap reports Forbes after some exchange of words with the Cupertino giant. The Apple iPhone 5 costs around $649 if you want the handset without a contract in the US. The cheapest iPhone will set you back $450 off contract. With this in mind it is hard to see how they would be able to sell a handset that still deserves the Apple name, and knock a third or half, off the price. If the device has to be priced at anything over $200 then wouldn’t be called affordable by everyone in the US.

Of course this is not to say that Apple will not be offering an Apple iPhone that is less expensive than their standard model. Such a device would go down well in China and other countries, where they don’t have subsidies. It would also be great for those who otherwise would choose a cheap Android device. Apple has never shied away from offering their older devices for less, in some cases free, when taken over two years.

They might stretch out the line-up of devices, but then again they are known for a single product at a time. They could come up with a new brand of course, as anything with the Apple name holds plenty of esteem.

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