Cheaper iPhone Arrives, Will Save You Around $510

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Over the week, we saw speculations of a cheaper iPhone coming our way. This was later dismissed by Apple and at the same time, possibly shattering the hopes of many fans who were hoping to get on the iOS train for less.

Walmart iPhone 5 plan saves you $500 over AT&T options

Well there is a cheaper iPhone 5 out there right now thanks to Walmart. And its savings do match that of the cheaper iPhone rumors but thankfully it still delivers high-end specs (rumors of an iPhone Lite said there would be just 8GB storage and no LTE).

Walmart is offering its cheaper plans via TracFone Wireless and also Leap Wireless, the latter of which falls under Cricket and Sprint Nextel’s Virgin Mobile USA.

The calculations behind this cheap iPhone 5 from Walmart when compared to say AT&T show us that you will save around $510 over the commitment period. The folks over at BusinessInsider did the calculations as such:

Walmart: $650 for the iPhone 5 + $45/mo. for unlimited data = $1,730 over two years
AT&T: $200 for the iPhone 5 + $85/mo. for 1 GB of data = $2,240 over two years

So that’s 23 percent less i.e $510 in savings. Now that’s some solid savings for the best iPhone money can buy today, the iPhone 5.

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