CES: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 YOUM Display Shows Up At Event Alone

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Late last year, rumors took off about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 possibly being the first smartphone to come with a flexible display. This was after speculations that the Galaxy Note 3 would feature an even larger display and would be unveiled as early as CES 2013. Well CES is here and unfortunately the YOUM flexible display has arrived alone.

CES 2013: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a no-show but YOUM display is

Samsung have been showing off the YOUM technology at the CES. They showed a handful of handsets to the press, the majority of which had displays that had been bent or curved to make the most of the tech, while at the same time allowing the devices to display images and videos. One of the most exciting of these was the prototype handset that had slanted sides.

The handset was black and white, with the display being around 5 inches and almost 720p resolution. Samsung showed how they could use the flexible space to show off features. in the picture posted the flexed display is seen to have S note and Messaging icons, along with a ticker like box for scrolling text or text messages.

The technology could be used for many different displays of all sizes and shapes. More than anything else is the fact that the displays are said to be unbreakable. So what do you think of them, or

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