Casio Launches G-Shock Smartwatch For iPhone: Notifications, Weather & More

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Most iPhone 4S users have probably been using their phones as a clock or watch without even thinking about it, but a significant minority is still waiting for that special “smartwatch” that can sync with that special smartphone. Casio has just announced its G-SHOCK digital watch that may just spell the end of the long wait.

Casio launches G-Shock smartwatch for iPhone 4S

It’s called the GB-6900AA, which doesn’t sound very exciting, but this shock-resistant watch has Bluetooth 4.0 which can communicate with the iPhone 4S.

Once synced up, the G-SHOCK notifies its wearer about calls, and it can activate the iPhone vibration and alarm right from the wrist. If you change time zones, the GB-6900AA adjusts to the time on the iPhone 4S.

The watch comes in five different colors, and features a very bright LED backlight. This backlight has a “G” logo that lights up when Bluetooth 4.0 is active. There’s also an inbuilt tilt detector that looks for movement and reconnects to the iPhone 4S if the connection is broken.

Casio G-Shock

Casio G-Shock

This watch will be out in Japan first and will cost 18,000 yen, which is around $230, in October. It’ll be followed up by the slightly less rugged GB-5600AA in November.

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